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  • Indianapolis Educational Article of the Month - Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

Cartoons may make many animals look cute and adorable, but the reality is in Indiana they can be a real problem for you and your home. Chip n Dale may be adorable cartoon characters, but they can destroy the foundation of your Indianapolis home, and cause your driveway to sink. Woody Woodpecker may be an adorable bird, but if he starts pecking away at your Indianapolis home he can leave access for other animals to enter into your attic and turn it into a parasite and disease nightmare. This simply won’t do.

While all these animals are cute in their own way, there are many issues that come from them that you simply may not have considered.

Woodpeckers cause two major problems for you and your home. First of all, they are pecking into your Indianapolis home, which means they are creating holes in the walls. This can lead to other creatures, like squirrels, entering into your home and making your home into their home. Woodpeckers also make a lot of noise, which can be very disturbing. It is true that they remove insects, such as termites, from your home, but if you notice a woodpecker, simply hire an exterminator to do the job. They are much cheaper in the long run.

Chipmunks can cause an unbelievable amount of damage to the foundation of your home. These animals are burrowers, who simply never stop. They will dig tunnels all over under your property, and eventually this can cause your home or driveway to sink because there is less material under the foundation. These animals are dangerous. You must get rid of them.

Squirrels cause lots of problems you may not have thought of. First of all, they often build nests in trees right by your home. These nests can be the source of a lot of different diseases and parasites. Squirrels will also build a home just about anywhere. If they find a small gap in your siding you can be sure they are using it as an access point to the attic of your home or the walls. They will build nests there, and use your home as their personal toilet. This is very dangerous to your home and your health.

Raccoons may be the worst of all. They carry a large number of diseases, the most dangerous of which is rabies. A bite from a raccoon can lead to serious issues for you, a member of your family, or your pet. Their feces contains all kinds of parasites that are dangerous to you, and they are generally very unsanitary animals. Raccoons will chew up just about anything, including your siding, will dig in your garbage cans making a huge mess, and will use your shed or garage as their new home.

Birds may make sweet music, but they also make messes. Birds love to find that small nook or crevice where they can build a home for themselves. This is especially true if they are looking for place to nest. They will find a very secluded spot that allows them to protect their eggs, as your attic, walls, eves, and sheds can be the perfect place. While baby birds may be cute, mommy and daddy birds are not sanitary at all, and the mess they leave in your home can be absolutely disgusting. On top of that, if they have been there once, they will return each year thereafter.

Rats and mice are two of the biggest problems you will find in any home. Because they are so small they can get into almost anything and they will chew or tear at anything that looks good to them. This can mean your electric wiring, siding, insulation, and walls are all fair game to these vermin. These creatures are much like roaches, in that if you have seen one or two you can be sure that there are 10 or 20 more somewhere in your home. They can destroy your home, and leave a wake of disease in their pathway.

These are the most common animals you will have problems with, but there are many others you may have worry about. Skunks love to come where they can find food, and your garbage can may be perfect for them. We all know what happens if you or your dog mistakenly comes upon one. You’ll be soaking in tomato juice for weeks.

Foxes will also come out of the woods to a place where they can find food. They will come after your garbage can or may even attack your pets if hungry enough. While these sightings are not incredibly common, they are becoming more so as people continually intrude on their natural Indiana habitats. They are coming to people’s homes because their homes are being wiped out. Foxes carry diseases as well, and will bite you.

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