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  • Indianapolis Educational Article of the Month - Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Repel Wild Animals?

Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Repel Wild Animals?

Pitch is the frequency of a sound. High pitch sound is very loud and sharp and of high frequency. There are many high pitch machines used for repelling the Indianapolis animals for example for rats a machine of high pitch and shorter wavelength is used. Household people are very much upset because of dead bodies of rats so these machines keep them away from household. This machine produces such a sound which is unbearable for animals because of high frequency so the Indiana animals ran away from that place to a distance where the sound cannot be heard. It depends upon the quality of deterrent machine that it affects or not. It is good for rats. But for wild animals it has different affect.

It is concluded by the experts that a high pitch sound deterrent machine have no effect on wild Indianapolis animals. So to repel wild animals we cannot use a high pitch deterrent machine. Utilization of this machine is well and good in theory but in practice it is of no effect or use on wild animals.

High pitch sound brings no change to wild Indiana animal's behavior; wild animals use to ignore such kind of high pitch sound. Although the sound is of high frequency and it is very sharp but wild animals even might be able to not get exposure to this sound. If you want to repel wild animals it is useless to buy a high pitch sound deterrent machine because it may not help you. It works well on birds and rats as well as on pests but it is completely in effective for wild animals. Wild animals do not bother this high pitch sound because this sound disappears very soon even some times earlier then a wild Indianapolis animal might notice it. It is of high frequency which disturbs the comfort of rats so it is best to install these machines in building to protect it from rats.

It is being observed by an expert of Indianapolis wild life that even bats cannot be controlled by the high pitched sound deterrent machine. To control population of bats we have to use other methods. So it is clear that these machines are absolutely in effective for repelling all wild animals including bats. It cannot control the behavior of wild animals many experiments have been done with wild animals to see their reaction on sounds of varying frequency, usually very high, but it was observed that there was no significant change in the behavior of those Indiana animals. They were completely ignoring this sound. So this sound cannot be used as a repellent for wild animals. If they don't bother it they will not get repelled by this.

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